OUr story

Cinnamora is a product of Skarna Medical Limited. Skarna Medical Limited was registered in the UK in 2010 by two General Practitioners. Our ambition is to encourage healthy living. It all began at work.

We spend many hours encouraging people at risk of developing diabetes and high cholesterol to watch their diet and exercise. The reality is that most of us are so busy that we just don’t have the time. This realisation led us to think about alternative solutions. We researched natural substances that could help. Ceylon Cinnamon has a significant amount of research suggesting multiple benefits, in particular with blood sugar and cholesterol. We think it is the “Spice for Life”!

People are already taking cinnamon capsules while others are sprinkling it on their food. However, many don't like taking capsules and also find it inconvenient to be sprinkling it on their food. We think an easier way of getting this spice incorporated into the diet would be in the form of a soft drink. Instead of buying a cola, you could quench your thirst with a cinnamon drink. You would get a consistent quantity of cinnamon, satisfy your thirst, and it would be easy – simply grab and go!

Well that is our plan, and we have been pleasantly surprised as the drink tastes great, is refreshing and has had very positive feedback. Thus, we wonder whether this is the new coconut water!